Autogenic Training is a hypnotic technique which literally helps a person “create from within” new sensations, experiences and realities. It has been used extensively in nursing and in medical hypnosis, and is a valuable tool for every hypnotist. In this blog post, at the bottom of the page, you can download a free script, and […]

It is always amazing how effective self-hypnosis is. Over 122,000 people have viewed this video and the comments are amazing. I created a few years ago, and am sharing it with you today. On person recently wrote: “Many people have tried to hypnotize me in my life but none have succeeded, this video really genuinely […]

Dr. Richard Nongard explains the P.O.W.E.R. method of self-hypnosis. A complete demonstration with a client. This video is a clip form the CHMI certification course and our next class is tonight! You can join us live for this class by clicking here:

You can sell hypnosis sessions you make online or give copies of sessions to clients. This free instructional video shows you how. If you need royalty free music for the background you can get Dan Kerns music here: Click the image for royalty free music you can use:

This is a really cool way to experience hypnosis. I bet you feel so good when you are done that you will want to share it with others! You can also check out our complete self-hypnosis resource series here: