Autogenic Training Free Script

Autogenic Training is a hypnotic technique which literally helps a person “create from within” new sensations, experiences and realities. It has been used extensively in nursing and in medical hypnosis, and is a valuable tool for every hypnotist. In this blog post, at the bottom of the page, you can download a free script, and a full explanation of Autogenic Training. I have also included a video clip at the bottom of this page, where I guide another person, through this process.

In my book on medical hypnotherapy, Autogenic Training is just one of many techniques explained. The full version of the book has additional script ideas, and techniques for a variety of presenting problems, including pain control. It even has a summary of research on medical hypnotherapy and ways to market a private practice that offers medical hypnotherapy.
Learn how I was given the “gift” of Autogenic Trianing early in my career and how you can get this gift by watching the video below:

The $7 upgrade only lasts this weekend.


Here is a video demonstration I did several years back of a basic Autogenic Training process. You can follow along and create the same experiences!

The $7 upgrade only lasts this weekend.

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