The video interview below highlights some of the uses of clinical hypnosis and a simple healing process used by a former cancer patient (Stephanie is now cancer free five+ years). On February 16 Roger Moore and Richard Nongard will begin a five week online class on clinical hypnosis and cancer treatment. Special guest Ziad Sawi, […]

44 Ways to Market a Hypnosis Private Practice Questions about how to build a private practice are among those questions I get the most.  Here are some ideas, each of them from my own experiences!   Comment below on which ones have been helpful to you! 1.)      Buy radio ads, and negotiate the rates.  They […]

This is a demonstration I did with Alex a few years ago. it is a great strategy for anxious clients or clients who we want to monitor. It is also a great way for you to practice not just talking to a client, but beginning to feel comfortable in interviewing clients. The ICBCH Advanced Hypnosis […]

20 million people have watched this 20 second video and it is worth it! I have never seen something quite as ironic in my life… Share it down below.

What do you think the future of hypnosis holds? Here are some predictions I think will come true in 2014.  Agree or disagree? Leave your thoughts below. 1.) Stage Hypnosis finally gets a little status – I spend a lot of time in Las Vegas, and the stage hypnosis shows with Kevin Lapine, Anthony Cools […]